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 To upgrade from earlier versions of Jenkins, simply redeploy the WAR file. Read this document for more about container-specific instructions on how to do this. See this document for automation.

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Most of the art work is derived from Tango Project, and thus this portion of Jenkins is covered by their license (Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license). The rest (that is, all the code, documents, build scripts, etc.) is covered by the MIT license, unless otherwise stated in individual files.

Jenkins Goods

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  1. Anonymous

    There is an issue I think worth adding to the list above.

    That is when a job starts a daemon and execution is manually terminated or due to an error the daemon is left running. A general solution to the problem will be very valuable!

    1. Please feel free to go ahead and create a page. I'm not aware of any solution, so I'm curious what solution you have.

  2. Unknown User (joebuddha)

    How can I report NUnit test results back to Hudson? I have to run the tests externally...

    1. There's a plugin ( that gives you a post build option.  I don't know if that helps?

  3. I have two questions.I don't know where is the appropriate place to ask such i post here

    I'm using jenkins 1.417

    Q1:When i configurate a job's build step i can use the Jenkins-defined environment variables in the 'Invoke Ant' . e.g.  I put$﹛JOB_NAME﹜ in the Properties.but it seems like it dosn't work when i use 'Execute windows batch command'.  e.g. C:\some.bat$﹛JOB_NAME﹜

    Is there any way to do so?

    Q2:i can have multi-Ant in the jenkins system config like jdk. but why i can't choose which one to use in the job config just like jdk?

  4. I am not sure where to ask this question.  I am trying to execute a tcl script in a jenkins job inside the shell build step dialogue.  We are having trouble that we don't have when we run the same command in an interactive shell.

    Is there anything special about tcl and jenkins?

  5. I'm not sure where to post this question. I have successfully installed latest Jenkins on IBM WAS is on windows machine). Now,

    1) How do I configure the Jenkins to connect to CVS which is on a remote unix machine?

    2) Also, is it possible to launch a shell script, which in turn calls an 'ant' command, that is on a remote unix server?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You,

  6. Configure -> Restrict where this project can be run -> Label Expression

    "The Label Expression" is no longer a drop-down list which annoys me to type keyword for searching labels.

    Is there any way to allow "The Label Expression" to be a drop-down list?


  7. N y

    I want to ask a question , can  I   add the publish plugin ( like JaCoCo )only one time ?   if not ,how to  change the plugin ? thank you very much !