Jenkins : FreeBSD 4.9

On all platforms, a 1.5+ JRE is required to run Hudson.   This is a challenge on FreeBSD 4.9, since the FreeBSD organization no longer supports this major version, and no 1.5+ JRE was ever licensed for distribution on the FreeBSD 4 platform.   The FreeBSD Foundation did later license the Java JDK and JRE from Sun, but it is only available for FreeBSD 5 and later.   If you are on FreeBSD 5 or later, just get your Java tools from the FreeBSD Foundation. 

Failed Quick Solutions

  1. Get a pre-built JRE or JDK for FreeBSD 4.   To the best of my knowledge, they don't exist, due to licensing problems when FreeBSD 4 was current.
  2. Get a Linux 1.5+ JRE to run on FreeBSD 4.  Linux compatibility under FreeBSD 4 is not sufficient for the 1.5 and later JREs to run.
  3. Use the OpenJDK or IcedTea.   I haven't tried this, but I suspect it won't build on FreeBSD 4, as few people are using FreeBSD 4

A working solution: build an older version of the 1.5 JDK
Steps to build your own 1.5 JRE:

  • Get a 1.4 JDK installed and running, which is required as part of the 1.5 bootstrap build process
    • Enable Linux compatibility in the FreeBSD kernel.  Run "kldload linux" with root permissions.
    • Enable Linux procfs compatibility. 
      • Add "linproc                 /compat/linux/proc linprocfs rw         0       0"  to your /etc/fstab
      • Load the procfs kernel module "kldload linprocfs"
      • Mount the filesystem "mount /compat/linux/proc"
    •  Install Linux libraries.  The machine I am using already had these installed - check /compat/linux/lib for a bunch of .so files.  If there aren't any, install one of the linux emulation ports under /usr/ports/emulators
    • Install the Linux JDK.   Later releases of the 1.4.2 JDK use Linux functionality that FreeBSD 4.x is not able to satisfy, and none of the tools will run.
    • Run javac from the  If you get the usage screen, you are done with installing a bootstrap JDK.
  • Get the JRL/JIUL source distribution and installation binaries from Sun
  • Get the BSD patches from
  • Apply patch and build
    • Follow the instructions in the file BUILD, inside the eyesbeyond tarball.
  • Use the newly built JRE to start Hudson as a master, or more likely, as a slave