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Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'pure-coverage-publisher' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

PureCoverage plugin reports coverage results from Rational PureCoverage tool (c++ coverage tool).
The plugin takes flat text file ('export' file) as input so you need to make your build export PureCoverage report in this format.

Tested with large report files.


  • NOTE - After spending a number of hours pulling my hair out -> this plugin version only works on the text output from the UNIX version of purecov, NOT on the windows output from 'coverage.exe' - the formats are totally different.
  • I only use it with free-style project-type jobs so I cannot grant it works with maven2 project-type jobs.
  • It doesn't accumulate reports in case there are multiple report files

Compilation 6th May 2010:

  • NOT completely tested! (so not checked in...)
  • Code 'https://svn.dev.java.net/svn/hudson/trunk/hudson/plugins/pure-coverage' @ revision 30769
  • This plugin was originally coded against Hudson '1.258'. I have successfully recompiled against '1.356', after:

From \pom.xml, Completely removing:

    <!-- Finally, the slowest repository of them all -->
        <!-- only look for jars here when they are not present locally -->

To CoveragePublisher.java adding:

public BuildStepMonitor getRequiredMonitorService()
	return BuildStepMonitor.BUILD;


  1. Unknown User (mcertain)

    Are there any plans to get this working with the Rational Pure Coverage product for windows? I'm currently working on getting the CppUnit Plugin setup to post results for unit test cases. I'd like then like to get Pure Coverage results posted as well so that we can analyze how much of our code is getting hit with the test cases that we're running.

    The following page contains a good tutorial of the what the Pure Coverage results file looks like.http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rational/library/5185.html

    I also didn't see this plugin listed in Hudson, so I've not been able to install it yet to see if it works with the windows version or not.  I've just noticed that the comments above seem to indicate that it's not working with Windows and only the Unix version.

    I'd really like to get a webpage with the results posted to Hudson that contains a table that looks like the Coverage Browser in PureCoverage. Here's an example from the IBM site...

  2. Unknown User (elyaaas)

    Hello am interested in this plugin too. Did you manage to get it work? also can we get the plugin to try it out?

    thanks for your help!