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Nestor is Jenkins command-line interface in Node.js .

You can use Nestor to manage your Jenkins jobs using simple commands

  • nestor build <jobname>
  • nestor job <jobname>
  • nestor queue
  • nestor executor
  • nestor dashboard
  • ...

Nestor installation, config, and usage guide are available from https://github.com/cliffano/nestor.
Blog post with a bit of background Nestor – A Faster And Simpler CLI For Jenkins


  1. Unknown User (gbois)

    Is it a rewrite of command line or a wrapper of the existing Jenkins CLI?
    I think the second option is more appropriate.

    1. Unknown User (cliffano)

      More of a CLI rewrite in Node.js. Nestor uses Jenkins API, it doesn't wrap the existing Java CLI (too slow).