Jenkins : Instana Pipeline Feedback for Jenkins

The Instana Pipeline Feedback for Jenkins™  tightly integrates Jenkins with the Instana monitoring solution.

Instana Pipeline Feedback™ is the first automatic analysis of application performance and deployment pipeline events, correlated with application, infrastructure and service performance information.

Pushing deployment events to Instana enables immediate feedback to release teams, developers and DevOps on the impact of their newly released code on application or service performance.

By using automation to correlate Instana’s performance information and data with the exact release time, manual validation of releases are unnecessary. That means, one of the most time consuming aspects of pushing a release is accelerated and simplified.


Instana’s dashboard provides multiple features, enabled by the Jenkins integration.

First of all, there is a notification when a release is pushed. Developers, DevOps and the release team gain immediate visibility when the release goes live.

Furthermore, Instana offers an overview of the releases in the application and service dashboards, as well as a quick way to jump between releases. This provides the user with immediate visibility on changes of behavior, response times, latencies or breakage of SLOs or SLAs.


But that’s not all, for the fastest feedback, Instana provides a direct comparison of the calculated health value before and after each release. This continuously updated value provides a quick and easy way to realize and react to good or bad changes. 

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Installation and Configuration

To install the Instana Pipeline Feedback Integration for Jenkins, login to your Jenkins instance and install it from the Jenkins plugin repository.

Setting up the in integration is handled inside the Pipeline configuration. A simple addition to the pipeline script, according to is enough to make Instana aware of any new releases.

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