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FOSDEM 2016 Planning

Jenkins will be at FOSDEM, in Brussels, on January 30-31st, 2016! Then we will have the Jenkins 2.0 Contributor Summit on February 1st.

Join the mailing list if you're interested in helping with coordination


Who's coming?

Jenkins merchandise

  •  Star Wars t-shirts (50)

Planning Meeting Notes

2016-01-13 Meeting

  • Jenkins stand is located in building K, level 2
  • Stand setup begins at 9am on Saturday. Attendees will begin to come in at 10am
  • There will be wifi in the stand areas

2015-10-21 Meeting


  • Gauge who can participate and at what capacity.
  • Pre-FOSDEM Contributor Summit
  • After-hours meetup/happy hour
  • Plans for a Jenkins stand (assuming we're accepted):
    • What demo materials
    • Schwag
    • Revised Jenkins Flyer


  • Who’s coming?
    • rtyler (attendance, organizing)
    • danielbeck (attendance, organizing)
    • kohsuke (attendance, organizing)
    • atong (attendance, organizing)
    • orrc (attendance)
    • fredg (attendance)
  • Contributor Summit Notes
    • We need a new moniker for the “Summit” series because the current event plan uses it for another purpose
    • Reuse the “Scalability Summit” / “Workflow Summit” format
      • A day of unconference with some broad theme
      • Target attendee: 20-40 people
      • Day divided into a fixed time slots and 1-2 tracks
      • The first few sessions are pre-announced to get the juice flowing
      • The rest of the sessions are decided on the fly by people with postit notes
    • Should be interesting enough for serious users that I expect some will come just for this.
    • Pick a date: Friday vs Monday
      • Meetup.com has a feature that helps us nail this down
      • Needs to be decided soon to let people book travel soon
    • Pick a theme
      • User experience?
      • Jenkins as Code?  (pipeline as code, deploy Jenkins via chef/puppet, Job DSL, …)
      • Jenkins 2.0?
  • After-hour events notes
    • tyler: Cafe Leroy friday before beer event?
    • fred: pre-planned dinner on Saturday night would be ideal
      • alyssa: set up a meetup to get RSVPs to make a reservation in advance (according to orrc about 15-20 attend. should add ~5 people in case people bring a friend)
  • Stand planning
    • Demo Materials
      • monitors
      • at least one dedicated PC (with wireless) for demos
      • canned demos around Jenkins 2.0 work?
        • “new things that people don’t know”
        • fred: maybe a little showreel (workflow, new UI, etc)
        • a demo presentation, or interactive version of the flyer
        • use-case driven points on the website (domain specific destination pages, e.g. mobile development)
        • eitsch: hi there, if you want to be able to cater to different  "personas" of jenkins users ... you could prepare some                sd-cards-images for a raspberry pi and switch around to          show a running jenkins on monitor at stand
        • eitsch: i definitely liked the stickers more which were more into the badass type ;) like the ninja and the je[di|nkins] master ... for the t-shirts you might be able to blend in the upcoming 2016 fosdem logo (if they are open to letting you use it)
    • chris: people are usually coming to the stand asking for help, stickers and t-shirts
  • Schwag
    • stickers (few thousand minimum)
    • t-shirts always in high demand (more than 30, as many as we can sell)
      • t-shirts maybe also with blended 2016 fosdem logo (need to check if possible)
    • buttons (small round badges) with Jenkins headshot / weather symbols / blue balls etc…
      • tyler: buttons for attendees: blue button + happy jenkins, red button + angry jenkins would be fun
    • Jenkins bobble-heads?
    • Flyer
      • perhaps this year we create little post-cards with permalinks to destination pages on the site “want to do mobile: go here”, etc. So stand visitors would have something tangible to remember where to find more information
        • more resilient to being out of date by the next time we have a conference than the flyer
      • fredg: flyer is a bonus not a necessity
      • 18:31 < fredg02> how about a set of "collectible" domain specific cards (Android, Java, Ruby, PHP, …)
  • Other
    • Language-spoken type buttons for people manning the stand (e.g. Chris would have a Scottish flag, English flag and German flag buttons)
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