This section contains a list of the changes between versions of the Micro Focus Application Automation Tools plugin.

Version 5.6.2 (Dec 19, 2018)

  • JENKINS-55161 - fix test injection for folder/multibranch jobs Closed

Version 5.6.1 (Dec 18, 2018)

  • JENKINS-55159 - Installing MicroFocus HP Automation tools plugin breaks Jenkins v2.150.1 Closed

Version 5.5.2 Beta (Oct 2, 2018)

  • JENKINS-29536 - Remove restriction preventing non time based Loadrunner scenarios from running Resolved
  • JENKINS-53546 - octane plugin support coverage injection from sonarqube Reopened
  • JENKINS-53383 - [Octane UFT integration] Create function that converts the testToRun to a parameter of a job Resolved
  • JENKINS-52670 - WorkflowGraph.FlowNodeContainer is causing memory performance issues Resolved
  • JENKINS-53674 - fix SRF/SRL/PC test types detection Closed
  • JENKINS-53873 - events listeners failures cause build to fail Closed

Version 5.5.1 (Sept 12, 2018)

  • JENKINS-51239 - Send client type in Jenkins Plugin to support API Key in ALM1260 Resolved
  • JENKINS-53489 - Authenticate to see issue details
  • JENKINS-53515 - Normalize SRF server URL Closed
  • JENKINS-53343 - improving processing of the workflow (aka pipeline-as-a-code) pipelines - structure, stages Closed
  • JENKINS-52670 - WorkflowGraph.FlowNodeContainer is causing memory performance issues Resolved
  • JENKINS-52556 - Micro Focus Rebranding Resolved
  • JENKINS-53271 - Pipeline step of SSE and upload and SSE AUT missing client type Resolved  
  • JENKINS-53185 - Transaction Summary report in excel is not found Resolved
  • JENKINS-52812 - Support NUnit V3 Report in Jenkins Plug-in Resolved
  • JENKINS-53154 - Leave client type field empty can not pass authentication of ALM1260 which doesn't need client type Resolved
  • JENKINS-53153 - REST request failure during test execution if the server is ALM 12.60 p1 Resolved
  • JENKINS-52951 - [SRF] Testing Connection after adding "/" at the end of SRF Server URL configuration will show a confusing Connection Error Resolved
  • JENKINS-53009 - [SRF] Running 2 tests with the same name will cause one result with all of their script runs Resolved
  • JENKINS-53010 - [SRF] Wrong redirecting when clicking on test's result for specific script in case of multiscript job (FALSE REDIRECTING) Closed
  • JENKINS-53011 - [SRF] Job is aborted when running multiple tests and one test is failing on minutes license Resolved
  • JENKINS-51104 - Error message 'MC lognin information or proxy is incorrect.' shows up for successful login. Fixed but Unreleased