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Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'worksoft-certify-RiskBased-PlugIn' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

This plugin allows us to integrate Worksoft Certify with Jenkins by using batch and Maven. A key feature is where users can design the customized plugins for the customer requirements. The plugins have productive features like multiple job execution, exporting reports, etc.

Starting with version 1.641 (or 1.625.3), Jenkins introduced the Content-Security-Policy header. This prevents some of the links that appear in the integration, such as links to reports, to become inoperable. For details, see Configuring Content Security Policy and Changes in Jenkins to reduce XSS vulnerabilities. For suggested workarounds, until the issue is resolved, see #Content Security Policy Header.

About this Plugin

Worksoft Certify Risk Based Plugin supports the Risk Based Process execution. For example, the user can execute high risk based or medium risk based certify process by adding the required field in the process, User can enter the Risk type alone it will execute all the certify processes that belong to the entered Risk type.

We recommend users to combine the below features as well to make optimum use of the plugin:

* Editable email Notification (Post build action) - This plugin helps the customers to trigger the emails to the individuals/testers/developers team to track the status of the test built.
* Time-based execution (Trigger Builds) - This plugin helps the customer to schedule their execution based on time frames.
* Dependency based execution (Upstream/Downstream) - This plugin helps the customers to achieve their dependency based execution like Upstream/Downstream in their test suites.
* Batch execution - Any non-Certify triggering events that you want to make sure get complete before starting test suite execution



 # Jenkins 2.0 or above 

How I can download the PlugIns from GitHub: 

  • Go through the below link to download the "Worksoft Certify RiskBased" PlugIn. 

I have a question, how should I ask it? 

The Worksoft Certify Process Runner plugin is an open source project, and questions should be transparent to benefit the community. In order of preference, please: 

  1. Look for a JIRA if there is any already existing issue is there if does not exists log a new defect. 

If those do not work or get a reply within a week, please contact the author or directly send an email to