An Intland Post-Build plugin for sending automated xUnit test results into codeBeamer ALM from Jenkins. If you have questions or found a bug, please refer to the Project Page

The plugin also creates test cases based on the tests package structure, with configuring optional parameters it can also create requirements and bug reports.



  1. Create a Jenkins job thats runs the automated test, we currently support Maven type jobs and Freestyle type jobs with "Publish JUnit test result report" step.
  2. Add the "Codebeamer xUnit Importer" step in the "Post-build Actions" section to the job.
  3. Customize the step’s attributes.
  4. Run the build.

example configuration:

Optional Parameters

More Information

You can find information on using the plugin in the codeBeamer wiki.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up the plugin and configuring the step’s properties, please contact the codeBeamer Support Team

Version History

Version 1.0