This is a draft document for Jenkins 2.0. None of this is final.

Based on this mailing list post.


Jenkins 2.0 will include a setup dialog that pops up when Jenkins starts for the first time. It intends to help people new to Jenkins to get started quickly, and present them with a reasonably sized set of plugins to choose from for customizing their instance, of they so choose. To this end, not every plugin will be presented here. While the extensibility of Jenkins is one of its strengths, exposing new users to the 1200+ available plugins before they've even started using Jenkins isn't a reasonable approach.

Selection Criteria

Plugins qualify for inclusion in the list based on a number of criteria:


Given the diverse feature set of Jenkins plugins, it is difficult to define a set of categories that can be used to group plugins without misrepresenting them (and having every plugin only how up once in the list, rather than multiple times). The following categories appear to adequately provide a high-level view of plugin functionality in Jenkins:

Any of these categories will be present as necessary for the plugin selection.