Hacksgiving is over!

What it is

A logical extension of the Adopt a plugin work from Unknown User (danielbeck). Hacksgiving is a multiple day event to clean up deprecated plugins, merge plugins that make more sense to be merged into one, fix some bugs floating around in the issue tracker and of course have fun before the turkeys go in the oven (in the US).

This event is *open to everybody*. There's more to an open source community like Jenkins than the Java code. If you are interested in writing documentation, creating new demos or screenshots, or just learning a bit more about how the plugins and project are built, please join us!

No really

"Hacksgiving" is a made-up event around the time of Thanksgiving (in the US). In the past Unknown User (rtyler) has organized "Hacksgiving" events during the lulls in project schedules

When is it

Proposed time: November 23nd - November 24th

The current plan is to have an open virtual space via Google "Hangouts on Air", which would periodically have sessions from volunteers on the schedule. Similar to an unconference style event in "the real world."

How to Participate






Nov 23rd




Introduction to contributing to the Jenkins project

7:00PST/10:00EST (15-30min)

Unknown User (rtyler)

Brief walk through Beginners Guide To Contributing

Intro to Jenkins Plugin Development Workshop

10:00PST/13:00EST (60min)

Unknown User (schristou)

Workshop on getting started with building Jenkins plugins

Plugin demo session

(30 minutes)


Show and tell time





Nov 24th




Writing blog posts for jenkins-ci.org


Unknown User (rtyler)

We're switching to a statically generated site which means everybody can write content now!

Intro to Jenkins Plugin Development Workshop

10:00PST/13:00EST (60min)

Unknown User (schristou)

(repeat) Workshop on getting started with building Jenkins plugins

Plugin Developer Open Q&A

13:00PST (60 minutes)

Unknown User (abayer)


Plugin demo session

(30 minutes)


Show and tell time





Wanted Sessions

Documentation hacking

For those not interested in working on core or a plugin, we'll also be doing some documentation hacking! Cleaning up documentation for plugins that need some sprucing up, etc.


Plugin Hacking


Hacker Hangout

We'll have some sessions around or during Hacksgiving to do hands-on plugin-development tutorials and support would really help get more plugins merged or adopted. The idea is still very rough, but some sessions to introduce folks to hacking Jenkins plugins would probably help quite a bit!

Proposed plugins to merge

If you are interested in merging two plugins, please work that out with the respective plugin maintainers. We will not be forcing any two plugins to be merged together, but if two maintainers mutually agree to merge, Hacksgiving is a good time to do it!

If you add to this list, please leave your name so maintainers know who to contact.

Plugins to clean up

Plugins up for adoption

Hacksgiving Notes

Day One

These are the raw notes lifted from etherpad after day one:

day one participation link https://hangouts.google.com/call/ff6n4um5mncejfehwmbute5jkaa

Intro to Contributing to Jenkins

Useful Resources:

Hacksgiving links:

Workflow session

All state and data inside of a Workflow script must be serializable which will allow Jenkins to serialize the Workflow to disk if Jenkins needs to restart, the workflows can be restarted.
rtyler to update docs to mention need for serializable interfaces on embedded classes

When using multibranch workflows you can specify branches to match against, otherwies the workflow will use all available branches which have a "Jenkinsfile" in them so it's expected that the "stale" (i.e. merged) branches

Ticket capturing the open sourcing of the workflow stage view plugin: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-31154

Tickets about stage pre-emption: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-30269https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-27039

Plugin development workshop


Day Two

Static site session

Plugin development workshop

Plugin developer open Q&A