Yandex Metrica plugin allows to decorate all Jenkins pages with Yandex.Metrica tracking code.

It helps you get descriptive reports and record the actions of individual users, find out what they are searching for on the build system, and how do they use it.



Configuration section for this plugin is very simple:

You should specify only "Counter ID" parameter to integrate Jenkins with Yandex Metrica.


How to build the `hpi` file:

1. Clone the git repository:

$> git clone https://github.com/vbauer/yandex-metrica-plugin

2. Change directory to the `"yandex-metrica-plugin"` repository:

$> cd yandex-metrica-plugin

3. Build the hpi file from source:

$> mvn clean package

4. The hpi file is located at "target/yandex-metrica.hpi".

5. If you would like to run a local Jenkins instance with the plug-in:

$> mvn clean package hpi:run

Manual installation

You can install the plugin easily by uploading the binary to Jenkins through Plugin Manager UI.

To do so:

Contributing guidelines

Feel free to file bugs or pull requests here: https://github.com/vbauer/yandex-metrica-plugin.

NB: If you would like to send PR, check your build with `"strict"` profile (it runs PMD and Checkstyle Maven plugins):

$> mvn clean package -P strict

Change log

1.0 - (3_ october 2015_)