Google Container Registry Auth Plugin

This plugin allows the credential provider to use Google Cloud Platform OAuth Credentials (provided by the Google OAuth Credentials plugin) to access Docker images from Google Container Registry (GCR).


This plugin supports both kinds of credentials provided by Google OAuth Credentials plugin : Google Service Account from metadata as well as Google Service Account from private key.

As of this writing, it has been verified that this plugin can be used together with Docker Build Step Plugin and CloudBees Docker Custom Build Environment Plugin. These plugins will be able to retrieve the credential provided by this plugin, and then use it to authenticate against GCR to pull/push Docker images. Other plugins that rely on credentials provider or Docker Commons Plugin (preferred than Credentials Plugin) to provide credentials will also be able to utilize this credential provider plugin to pull images from or push images to GCR.


The instruction below uses Docker Build Step Plugin as an example to show how this plugin can be used to provide credentials for the former plugin to authenticate against GCR to perform pull/push.

Version History

Version 0.1 (June 11, 2015)