Repository Connector adds features around resolving artifacts from a Maven repository like Nexus or Artifactory.

When installing this plugin, you'll get an additional build parameter 'Maven Repository Artifact' and a build step called 'Artifact Resolver'.


Build parameters can be used for version selection and the build step to download the artifact without the need to install Maven.

You can either use the version selection feature alone and let a Maven POM do the artifact download, or let Jenkins also do the download before a script is invoked.

The way you use the plugin is completely up to you, the way of just selecting the version makes sense when you have Maven installed anyway and you want to have all aspects of the artifact processing under version control.

Version Selection

String Parameter

You can use a simple String build parameter (e.g. 'VERSION') to enter a version as free text:

This String parameter can be used in the later stages of the job by the property ${VERSION}. It can even be used in the version field of the Artifact Resolver build step.

Maven Repository Artifact Parameter

The version selection feature is provided by the build parameter 'Maven Respository Artifact':

When you click on "Build with Parameters" you will see a drop-down box with all the versions that have been found in the Maven repository.

The special versions "LATEST" and "RELEASE" are added to the list where the latter is the default selection (see JENKINS-28323).

The selected version is passed in 2 properties to the build:

Respository Connector uses sonatypes aether api to resolve artifacts from a repository.



...instead of a fix version, you can also use '*RELEASE*' or '*LATEST*' to identify the newest release or the latest build of an artifact. Version ranges are supported too, e.g. *\[0-SNAPSHOT,)*

one is also able to define a job as parametrized and use the parameter within each field in the config - e.g. define a string parameter called 'VERSION' and use it as ${VERSION}

within the Version field in the config.


The repositories to resolve the artifacts from, can be configured in global config:

Help and Support

For Help and support please use the Jenkins Users mailing list.
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Version History

1.1.1 (28. Feb 2015)

1.1.0 (2. Feb 2015)

1.0.1 (16. Aug. 2014)

1.0.0 (18. July 2014)

0.8.2 (18. Feb. 2012)

0.8.0 (18. Sep. 2011)