This is a simple disk usage plugin that calculates disk usage while limiting the performance impact on the Jenkins master.

To avoid consuming too many I/O resources, the directory traversal process is throttled and should not be able to consume more than half available IO.

The original Disk Usage plugin offers many more features, however it consumes many more resources and in some instances can prevent the Jenkins master from operating correctly

This plugin:

To use this plugin visit the Manage Jenkins -> Disk usage page.


0.9 (2017-08-03)

0.8 (2017-06-06)

0.7 (2017-05-24)

0.6 (2017-05-24)

Not released, had permission issue during publication

0.5 (2015-10-05)

0.4 (2015-09-25)

0.3 (2015-08-06)


Trashed (smile)


Initial release