The TestComplete Support plug-in lets you run TestComplete tests from Jenkins. The plug-in provides a build step that lets you include TestComplete tests into your Jenkins builds. Also, the plug-in maintains a list of test runs and lets you view test results directly from within Jenkins.

Downloading and Installing

At the moment, you can download the plug-in from the TestComplete Download Center at SmartBear.com:

   ➨ http://support.smartbear.com/downloads/testcomplete/ (thumbs up)

To view installation instructions, click the download link at the page above.


  1. Prepare a test computer (node) for automated testing. Make sure the node has everything it needs to run tests successfully:
  2. Add the TestComplete test step to your Jenkins build.
  3. Customize the step’s properties:
  4. Run the build as you would normally do this.
  5. After the build run is completed is over, you will see the TestComplete Test Results link on the build’s page.
    Click the link to view test results. In the subsequent screen, click the link in the Test column to explore detailed test results.


The node must run an interactive user session. Otherwise, TestComplete (or TestExecute) will be unable to interact with the UI of the application under test.
To create an interactive user session:

More Information

You can find complete information on using the plug-in in TestComplete documentation.

Technical Support

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up the plug-in and configuring the step’s properties, please contact the SmartBear Support Team.