This plugin enables Jenkins to send build notífications via IRC and lets you interact with Jenkins via an IRC bot. Note that you also need to install the instant-messaging plugin .

This plugin needs the instant-messaging plugin. Please ensure that the latest version of this plug-in is also installed.


See the  instant-messaging plugin for a description of protocol-independent features.

IRC-specific features

Known Issues

Please look into the issue tracker for any open issues for this plugin.

Debugging Problems

If you experience any problems using the plugin please increase the log level of the logger hudson.plugins.ircbot to FINEST (see Logging), try to reproduce the problem and attach the collected logs to the JIRA issue.


Version 2.26 (2015-02-19)

Version 2.25 (Apr 2, 2014)

Version 2.24 (Mar 29, 2014)

Version 2.23 (May 22, 2013)

Version 2.22 (Mar. 1, 2013)

Version 2.21 (Dec. 15, 2012)

Version 2.20 (Oct. 13, 2012)

Version 2.19

Version 2.18

Version 2.17


Version 2.16:

Version 2.15

Version 2.14

Version 2.13

Version 2.12

Version 2.11

Version 2.9

Version 2.8

Version 2.7

Version 2.6

Version 2.5

Version 2.4

Version 2.3

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0


When you install this plugin, your Hudson configuration page gets additional "IRC Notification" option as illustrated below:

In addition, each project should add a "Post-build Actions"> "IRC Notification" configuration as illustrated below:

For the project configuration, leave the Channels blank to default to the channels defined in the master IRC configration.