Provides "Groovy script to restrict where this project can be run" in job configuration pages.

What's this?

This plugin provides "Groovy script to restrict where this project can be run" to the job configuration page:

Use cases

Use case 1

Think a following scenario:

You can manage this by using multi-configuration project as followings:

Groovy Label Assignment plugin provides following alternate solution:

Use case 2

Consider to create a job with which developers build a source tree.

You can create a satisfying job by using Groovy Label Assignment plugin:





To report a bug or request an enhancement to this plugin please create a ticket in JIRA.

How does this work?

This plugin works as following:

  1. When a new build is triggerd, GroovyLabelAssignmentQueueDecisionHandler is called.
  2. If GroovyLabelAssignmentProperty is assigned to the job, call it.
  3. EnvironmentContributingAction#buildEnvVars() is called for retrieving variables to bind to the Groovy script.
  4. Retrieve axes values configured to that job and bind to the Groovy script.
  5. Run Groovy script.
  6. Parse returned value as a label expression.
  7. Assign it with LabelAssignmentAction.

Change Log

Version 1.0.0 (Jun 05, 2013)