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Alexander Winther Uldall
Ronni Elken Lindsgaard
Esben Skaarup
Andreas Frisch

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The Pretested Integration Plugin offers a branchy approach to pretested integration (also known as pre-tested commits), which upholds the invariant; that for a specific branch, known as the integration branch, all commits have been verified.

This plugin is developed by the josra.org organisation.

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Job configuration

We have strive to achieve a one click install of this plugin. so after the plugin is installed simply go to the job, and select Pretested Integration, every thing else is default as seen below on the picture.

For further info please read our blog post at josra.org/PretestedIntegration

Currently known issues

* Only builds with Result.STABLE is committed.

* It is not possible to customise the integration message

* If the integration branch does not exist, the plugin will fail.


Version 2.0:

Version 1.1:

Version 1.0: