NOTE: This plugin was previously called: EASE Plugin (ease-plugin).


This plugin adds the ability to publish updates of mobile apps to Apperian App Management as part of the Jenkins build process.


When you install this plugin, you will have the ability to add the "Arxan MAM Publisher" as a post-build action on a project's Configure page.

After adding the action to your project, configure it to specify the values that Jenkins will use to publish the app to Apperian during the build process. For more information, see Jenkins Integration.

Version History

Version 2.2 (2019-03-6)

Version 2.1 (2019-02-14)

Version 2.0 (2018-11-13)

Version 1.2.6 (2015-05-17)

Version 1.2.3 (2014-04-21)