Adds Dynamic functionality to Extended Choice parameter plugin.

Functionality usage

This plugin extends the functionality of Extended Choice Parameter plugin and adds dynamic loading to it. This plugin supports two features;

To setup this plugin with this functionality you need to enter the basic details as we did in extended-choice-parameter-plugin after that enter "Bind with field" field name so that based on your selection output content of this field get changed.Rest of the option are not needed for this functionality.

Property file in my case i have used "env_type.txt" which contains "Host_Name=QA,DEV,SIT,Staging,Prod" based on your selection plugin will look into the same dir under which i have placed "env_type.txt" in my case it is "/var/jenkins/projects/PRD-PHIX/bin/abs-build-scripts/properties" to get user selected input.txt i.e if user select QA then it will look for QA.txt under same dir with same property key that you have mentioned for file "env_type.txt" in my case it is "Host_Name";

To make this plugin to work with your role in Jenkins you need to tick "Role Based Filter" in configuration page as shown above. This plugin will look for roles in global roles and project roles based on your configuration.

(PS: Property file has server names like QA.txt will have only QA server list, DEV.txt will have only DEV server list.)

(*PS: "Bind with field" currently works with string parameter and Extended-choice-parameter-plugin. So please select on of them.)