The purpose of this plugin is to bring true inheritance of properties between multiple job definitions to Jenkins. This allows you to define common properties only once and inherit them to multiple projects.


The role of this plug-in can be broadly described as bringing the concept of property inheritance to Jenkins. The goal is to fulfil the following statements:

In a way, you can think of this plugin this way: If Jenkins is the C language, this plugin is its C++ equivalent.

Ideal candidates for this are, for example, the SCM setup, common pre-build and post-build steps as well as cleanup and logging properties.

Additionally, the plugin offers the following nice feature additions:

Video tutorials 

The following video tutorials are currently available:

Known Issues:

There are also still some known issues that are currently under examination and will be fixed in future versions:

  1. Job Config History plugin:
    Will lead to a Stack Overflow due to an infinite loop on a property request on startup; this heavily delays the start and slows down Jenkins in general.
  2. Artifactory plugin:
    The artifactory options are not visible on projects/jobs using the inheritance plug-in.
  3. Jenkins:
    "This build is parameterized" message sometimes appears twice. Only one of the two fields actually contains & controls parameters. The other is a blank stub that does not save anything.
  4. Rebuilder plugin: 
    If that plug-in is not installed, you will see a "ClassNotFoundException" on "RebuildValidatorSuppressor". This error is harmless, as all that class does is to disable the Rebuilder plug-in for inheritance-controlled jobs (as the plug-in has its own rebuild implementation). What is not there can't be disabled, you see.
  5. Various SCM plugins:
    Polling will only work for many SCM plug-ins, if the SCM property or its polling property is enabled is defined on a job itself, but not if it's inherited. We are investigating whether this can be fixed without having to alter the code of the SCM plug-ins themselves.


Version (10. October 2013)

Version 1.4.11 (03. October 2013)

Version 1.4.10 (16. September 2013)

Version 1.4.9 (22. August 2013)

Version 1.4.8 (01. July 2013)