The mesos-jenkins plugin allows Jenkins to dynamically launch Jenkins slaves on a Mesos cluster depending on the workload!

Put simply, whenever the Jenkins Build Queue starts getting bigger, this plugin automatically spins up additional Jenkins slave(s) on Mesos so that jobs can be immediately scheduled! Similarly, when a Jenkins slave is idle for a long time it is automatically shut down.


To learn more about building and using the plugin please visit the project website.


1.0.0 (September 17th 2019)

NOTE:  Upgrading from previous versions of plugin to 1.0.0 is not backwards compatible due to the addition of support for Mesos containerizer. The plugin configuration needs to be manually fixed after the upgrade for it to work.

0.18.1 (September 25th 2018)

This release includes both the 0.18 and 0.17.1 changes.

0.18 (September 25th 2018)

This release does not contain the changes from 0.17.1.

0.17.1 (September 17th 2018)

0.17 (June 15th 2018)

0.16 (March 26th 2018)

0.15.1 (Jan 29th 2018)

0.15.0 (July 14th 2017)

0.14.1 (Mar 11th 2017)

0.14.0 (Jan 3rd 2017)

0.13.1 (Jul 27th 2016)

0.13.0 (Jul 11th 2016)

0.12.0 (Mar 24th 2016)

0.11.0 (Mar 7th 2016)

0.10.1 (Feb 17th 2016)

0.10.0 (Feb 8th 2016)

0.9.0 (Jan 8th 2016)