Why can't I edit the "All" view?

This is because it is of type "All" not of type "List", and the "All" type is not editable. You can only have one view of type "All".

If you want to edit this view, you will have to create a new view instead. See other questions on this page for more information.

Why can't I delete the "All" view?

This is because it is set as your default view. To delete this view, go to "Manage Jenkins" > "Configure System" and change the selection in the "Default View" drop-down. You can't change the default view unless you already have another view created. Once you have changed to a new default view, you can delete the "All" view.

How can I create an "Editable All View"?

You might want a view like "All" that shows all jobs, but perhaps you want to be able to change the columns around a bit. To do this, you need to create a "faux-All" view, by following these steps.

  1. Create your new view. Give it a name like "All2", and do not choose the type "All" if that option is available. Choose "List" or some other option if you have other plugins installed.
  2. Find the checkbox labeled "Use a regular expression to include jobs into the view" and check it.
  3. Enter the regular expression ".*" to pick up all jobs (or use the View Job Filters)
  4. Configure the view in any other way you like. For example, changing the columns you want to show.
  5. Save the new view
  6. Optionally, now you can replace your "All" view with your new view with the remaining steps
  7. Follow the instructions above for Deleting the All view
  8. Rename your temporary "All2" view to "All" by clicking the "Edit View" link on the left of that view's page