This plugin shows information about the environment of a build and gives the option to compare the environments of two builds.


After installing the plugin you will see 3 blue lines on the main build page - they contain various information about different aspects of the build. By simply clicking on them the user can show or hide this information.

In the left menu panel an link under the name "Compare environment" should show up. There the user has the option to compare the information recorded about two builds. This could be useful to figure out why the same job builds differently on different machines.

The plugin can also prepare the environment variables used in the current build for bash export. There is a link at the top-right corner of the "Compare environment" page that leads to a list with all environment variables ready to be exported.


if FOO had value 123 during the build, then the list will contain:


export FOO

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Change log

Version 1.7 (16.09.2019)

Version 1.6 - (01.09.2015)

Version 1.5 - (28.04.2015)

Version 1.4 - (06.11.2013)

Version 1.3 - (19.07.2013)

Version 1.2 - (19.07.2013)

Version 1.0 - (03.07.2013)


  The plugin is open source.