The purpose of this plugin is to bring true inheritance of properties between multiple job definitions to Jenkins. This allows you to define common properties only once and inherit them to multiple projects.


The role of this plug-in can be broadly described as bringing the concept of property inheritance to Jenkins. The goal is to fulfil the following statements:

In a way, you can think of this plugin this way: If Jenkins is the C language, this plugin is its C++ equivalent.

Ideal candidates for this are, for example, the SCM setup, common pre-build and post-build steps as well as cleanup and logging properties.

Additionally, the plugin offers the following nice feature additions:

Video tutorials 

The following video tutorials are currently available:

Known Issues:

There are the known issues for version 2.0.0.


Version 2.0.0 (14. March 2017)

This commit combines all the changes that we implemented in 2015 on GitHub (without a release) and in the past 2 years for our internal version.
Since this is a dramatic and large change, the version was set to 2.0.0.

The code should be compatible with servers that were running the last version 1.5.3 (as long as they're running Jenkins > v1.625.3), but no guarantees can be made, as we can't check all edge-cases.
As such extreme care should be taken when upgrading from 1.5.3.

The most relevant changes are:

Version 1.5.3 (29. July 2014)

Version 1.5.2 (29. July 2014)

Version 1.5.1 (13. April 2014)

Version 1.5.0 (16. December 2013)

Version 1.4.12 (10. October 2013)

Version (09. October 2013)

Version 1.4.11 (03. October 2013)

Version 1.4.10 (16. September 2013)

Version 1.4.9 (22. August 2013)

Version 1.4.8 (01. July 2013)