Enhanced Old Build Discarder is a Jenkins plugin that extends the functionality of the internal build discard plugin with an option to prevent discard of builds when the job is unstable, in addition to the ability to require both age and quantity conditions be met prior to build discard.

The plugin is configured as a build rotation strategy labelled Enhanced Log Rotator in the internal Discard old builds feature. It can additionally be configured as a Pipeline script using a call to properties() such as:

properties([[$class: 'BuildDiscarderProperty', strategy: [$class: 'EnhancedOldBuildDiscarder',
artifactDaysToKeepStr: '', artifactNumToKeepStr: '', daysToKeepStr: '10', numToKeepStr: '10',
discardOnlyOnSuccess: false, holdMaxBuilds: true]]]);

Version History

1.4 (2019-08-01)

1.0 (2013-06-07)