This plugin provides some integration with YouTrack. This version (0.7.x) has backwards incompatible updates - so review your configurations


The development of this plugin is in no way affiliated with JetBrains, the creators of YouTrack.

This plugin adds integration in the following ways:


Global configuration

To use this plugin the YouTrack site to integrate with most be specified on the global configuration page. Where you will nedd to specify a url, username and password. The permissions needed for this user depends on what kind of integrations you turn on, e.g. if you want to run commands as the committer, then the user needs to have the Low-level Administration permission. These sites are referenced from the jobs by the url, so you will have to refresh the job configuration if you change the url.

Project configuration

When you have set up your site(s) in the global configuration you can enable the integration on the job configuration page. You select the site you want to integrate with and which integration options you want.

Annotate changelog

This option will annotate the changelog with links from issue ids to YouTrack. The way it is determined if something is an issue id, is that on each build the plugin will fetch the project codes available from youtrack, and then expect all project code-number to be an issue id, e.g. PC-23. It will also display a tooltip with the title and description of the issue. This info is first loaded when the tooltip will be displayed.

Update with link

This will add a comment with a link to this build into the issues mentioned in the commit comment(s).

Execute commands

This will execute commands in YouTrack, if they are on the form #issue-id Fixed, e.g #PC-23 Fixed. The command will be interpreted from the issue id and to the end of the line. The line following will be used as a comment.

Run as

By default it runs the commands as the user set up for the site in the global configuration, if this box is checked however, it will run as the user committed. The way users is matched is on the e-mail set by the Jenkins Person who committed the change.

Update builds and Fixed in Build

To update the Build Bundle with the value for the current build, you need to add the YouTrack Builder Updater Post-Build action. In this you can set the build bundle you want to update, and optionally a name to be appended afterwards.

This post build action also marks issues as Fixed in build, if a command executed on them marks sets them to be Fixed, determined by checking state before and after applying the command.


Version 0.5 (2014 May 04)

Version 0.4 (2013 August 08)

Version 0.3 (2013 June 02)

Version 0.2 (2013 May 12)

Version 0.1 (2013 Apr. 24)