This plugin connects to RabbitMQ, consumes messages in queue, then notifies it to listener.

This plugin has global configuration only, so any features for user are not provided. You should need other plugins to provide features to user. c.f. RabbitMQ Build Trigger Plugin

Develop listener plugin

This plugin provides convenient extension point to listen application messages. To implement listener to your plugin, you can user the blows:



public abstract class MessageQueueListener implements ExtensionPoint {
    String getName();
    String getAppId();
    void onBind(String queueName);
    void onUnbind(String queueName);
    void onReceive(String queueName, String contentType, Map<String, Object> headers, byte[] body);

Publish messages from your plugin

This plugin registers extension to publish messages to RabbitMQ.
If you want to use them from your plugin, please see the implementation of RabbitMQ Build Trigger Plugin.

Implementation class


Customize server operation

This plugin provides extension to customize server operation.


Remote API

Since 2.7, this plugin has Remote access API. You can get plugin status via API.




This plugin does not generates any queues in RabbitMQ. So you should prepare them by yourself.


MIT License.

Version history

Version 2.8 (01/24/2018)

Version 2.7 (11/06/2014)

Version 2.6

Version 2.5 (08/07/2014)

Version 2.3-2.4

Version 2.2 (03/24/2014)

Version 2.1 (01/27/2014)

Version 2.0 (01/14/2014)

Version 1.9 (07/23/2013)

Version 1.8 (07/18/2013)

Version 1.7 (07/17/2013)

Version 1.6 (07/11/2013)

Version 1.5 (05/30/2013)

Version 1.4 (04/16/2013)

Version 1.3 (04/09/2013)

Version 1.2 (04/09/2013)

Version 1.1 (04/01/2013)


Version 1.0 (04/01/2013)

Initial release