This plugin integrates with AppDynamics to fetch measurements.

Plugin Features

This plugin makes it possible to integrate data from AppDynamics into your Jenkins build. A performance test should be run during build time (e.g. by using JMeter), and having AppDynamics connected to your application. After the build, the performance statistics will be fetched from the REST uri and shown in the Jenkins interface.
It includes the feature of setting the final build status as good, unstable or failed, based on the reported metrics.








Jenkins Build Configuration

AppDynamics Plugin usage


Default configuration for the AppDynamics plugin only needs the following information to connect to the AppDynamics REST api:

Furthermore, some advanced settings are available. You can configure the error percentage thresholds which would make the project unstable or failed or leave them blank to disable the feature.


The AppDynamics plugin will show output per build, and as overall statistics for the project. The following two images are two examples:

Build output

Overall graph for the project (and floating box on the project page)


To use the latest plugin release, you need to download, compile and install by hand. To do it, you need Git, Maven and Java 6 installed in your computer.

$ git clone https://github.com/jenkinsci/appdynamics-plugin.git
$ cd appdynamics-plugin
$ mvn package
$ cp target/appdynamics-dashboard.hpi <path_to_jenkins>/data/plugins

Remember to restart jenkins in order to use / reload the plugin.