This plugin builds pull requests in github and report results.


When a new pull request is opened in the project and the author of the pull request isn't whitelisted, builder will ask "Can one of the admins verify this patch?" and one of the admins comment "this is ok to test" to add the author to the whitelist.

If an author of a pull request is whitelisted, adding a new pull request or new commit to an existing pull request will start a new build.

A new build can also be started with a comment: "retest this please".


Creating job:

Make sure you DON'T have "Prune remote branches before build" advanced option selected, since it will prune the branch created to test this build.

If you want to manually build the job, in the job setting check "This build is parameterized" and add string parameter named "sha1". When starting build give the "sha1" parameter commit id you want to build or refname (eg: "origin/pr/9/head").



Add published URL feature.
Enable connection to github enterprise instances.
Enable authentication via a token.
When automatic merge is possible, build the merge.


Use commit status api instead of comments for reporting results.