Add script based slave VM management to Jenkins to use virtual machines as slaves


This plugin adds to the Jenkins CI a way to control virtual machines through scripts. It takes two scripts: one for starting

NOTE: A great deal of thanks to the authors of theĀ vshpere cloud Plugin; their
code was heavily copied to make this plugin.


scripted Cloud Configuration

The first step is to add a new "Cloud" in the Jenkins "Configure System" menu based on "scripted Cloud". Enter its description, start and stop scripts.
Start script is called while launching slave of this cloud. Its expected that this script ensures that VM is up and running. Stop script is called after
the job has been done.

scripted Slave Configuration


Lot of environment variables are set which are available to start and stop scripts. These indicate the inputs from VM configuration.

Developer Notes

Change Log

Version 0.1 (May 25, 2102)