A simple plug-in to invoke R interpreter and execute an R script.


With this script you can execute R scripts as part of your build. This plug-in was created for use in BioUno (sponsored by TupiLabs) project, and released to Jenkins as well. 

You can also use environment variables, tokens created by other plug-ins or parameters via 

paste('Date:', Sys.getenv('BUILD_ID'))

This will print something similar to Date: 2014-02-17_15-48-59


For commercial support, please get contact us via @tupilabs

Change Log

Release 0.5 (May, 20, 2017)
Release 0.4 (Jan, 13, 2017)
Release 0.3 (Jul, 27, 2016)
Release 0.2 (Jul, 22, 2012)
Release 0.1 (Jul, 10, 2012)