This plugin allows Jenkins to expose the current status of your build as an image icon badge via a fixed URL. You can put this URL into other sites (such as GitHub README) so that people can see the current state of the job (last build) or for a specific build.

Basic Usage

Once this plugin is installed, you'll see Embeddable Build Status Icon as one of items in the left menu navigation for a job or build of a job respectively.

When you click this icon, you get several links to an icon that shows the current Build Status for your job or the status of a specific build respectively. 
You can paste any of these URLs in other sites so people can see the current state of your build.

Open Issues

Scheduled for next release


2.0.1 (Apr 09, 2019)

2.0 (Mar 04, 2019)

Final release (not further changes)

2.0-beta2 (Feb 07, 2019)

NOTE: The final v2.0 release is scheduled for Feb 14. If you have any issues with this beta please got to GitHub and report them.

2.0-beta1 (Jan 03, 2019)
1.9 (Feb 06, 2016)
1.8 (Aug 31, 2015)
1.7 (Mar 24, 2015)
1.6 (Nov 29, 2014)
1.5 (Aug 25, 2014)
1.4 (May 31, 2013)
1.3 (Mar 05, 2013)
1.2 (Mar 1st, 2013)
1.0 (2012/05/09)