This plugin adds a new build parameter type for resolving artifact versions reading the repository maven-metadata.xml.



In any jenkins job enable the "This build is parametrerized" checkbox, from the drop-down that appears select the "List maven artifact versions", configure the artifact you want to retrieve the versions for and voilà.


Because there are multiple aspects that can be of interest about an artifact in a maven repository this plugin will not set the parameter name you give in the configuration of your job, but will rather use that name as a seed for a set of parameters. Example:

In your configuration you have created a parameter named "MY_JAR" and have configured all values correctly. Then the following parameters will be set for the build step:

Known issues

Upgrade Information

Repository Username and Password

With release 1.3, the Repository Username and Repository Password have been migrated to Repository Credentials. Now, repository credentials are stored in the global credentials. Usernames and Passwords of previous plugin versions are automatically migrated: For each Repository Base URL and Repository Username combination, a new global credentials object will be created and referenced.

Version History

2.0.0 (10. January 2018)

1.5.0 (31. May 2016)

1.4.1 (14. March 2016)

1.4.0 (04. March 2016)

1.3.0 (10. November 2015)

1.2.0 (26. November 2014)

1.1.1 (14. February 2014)

1.1.0 (13. February 2014)

1.0.0 (16. April 2012)

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