This plugin add browser axis to matrix job

This plugin serves selenim tests, it create labels for browsers of slave and sets a build variable which contains path to the browser's binary file.

Settings of browsers

Browsers can be set in global Jenkins configuration Manage Jenkins -> Configure System

There could be set browser types like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera ..

Each type can use suffixes - one for Windows slaves and one for Unix slave. For Windows slaves is used suffix .exe, for Unix slaves is used suffix -bin, if its operating system is checked in suffix configuration for unix.

Each type of browser has two kind versions:

Setting of shared versions

There are name of version, for example Firefox-8 and path to the binary file. If the suffixes are used, path is without suffixes (suffixes will be added according to suffixes configuration). The system variables can be used in path.

Setting of locally installed versions

There are one setting for Unix slave and one for Windows slave. They are enabled by checked ..........  Both contains path to the binary file and command which return version of its installation.

These setting create label for all slaves which name is created from type of browser and version of this locally installed browser with suffix -auto, so for example it could be Firefox-5.2-auto.

Using in Matrix Jobs

For choosing suitable slave can be used Browser or Browser expression.

When the build of job stars, the plugin will create variable BROWSER_AXIS_PATH which contains path to the browser's binary file and add this path to the variable PATH. If there was used Browser expression, the chosen will be the first browse which is find in slave, on which this job is building.