Repository Connector adds a build step which allows to resolve artifacts from a maven repository like nexus (without having maven installed).

Respository Connector uses [sonatypes aether api|http://www.sonatype.com/people/2010/08/introducing-aether/] to resolve artifacts from a repository.

When installing this plugin, you'll get a new build step called 'Artifact Resolver'. It allows you to define as many artifacts to download as you wish.

...instead of a fix version, you can also use '*RELEASE*' or '*LATEST*' to identify the newest release or the latest build of an artifact. Version ranges are supported too, e.g. *\[0-SNAPSHOT,)*

one is also able to define a job as parametrized and use the parameter within each field in the config - e.g. define a string parameter called 'VERSION' and use it as ${VERSION}

within the Version field in the config.

!Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 17.07.47.jpg!


The repositories to resolve the artifacts from, can be configured in global config:

 !Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 17.13.00.jpg!

h1. Version History

h3. 0.8.0 (18. Sep. 2011)

* add support for variable resolving in configuration

h3. 0.7.0

* update to aether 1.12 and fix a classloader issue

h3. 0.6.1

* update to aether 1.11 and fix update policy issue

h3. 0.6

* now supports to configure the repository update policy (for earch builder individually)

h3. 0.5

* Inital

h1. Help and Support


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