This plugin allows you to use MSBuild to build .NET projects.

To use this plugin, specify the location of MSBuild.exe on Jenkin's configuration page. The MSBuild executable is usually situated in a subfolder of C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework. If you have multiple MSBuild versions installed, you can configure multiple executables. 

Then, on your project configuration page, specify the name of the build file (.proj or .sln) and any command line
arguments you want to pass in. The files are compiled to the directory where Visual Studio would put them as well.

Useful Info:


Release 1.8.1 (December 03, 2011)

* Fixed double quoted default args

Release 1.8 (December 01, 2011)

* Added default args (global configuration) - Merged pull request

Release 1.7 (May 13, 2011)
Release 1.6 (May 10, 2011)
Release 1.5 (May 05, 2011)
Release 1.4 (April 02, 2011)
Release 1.3 (Dec 29, 2009)
Release 1.2 (Apr 21, 2009)
Release 1.1 (Jun 03, 2008)