Core conditions to select whether to execute a build step or publisher. Used by the Flexible Publish Plugin and the Conditional BuildStep Plugin.



This plugin defines an ExtensionPoint that can be used by plugins to define new Run Conditions and to use Run Conditions to decide whether to run a build step.

This plugin defines a few core Run Conditions:

Run Conditions are currently used in the following plugins


This plugin is used by other plugins and will be installed automatically when one of those is installed from the Update Center.

To install manually, download the latest plugin from and use the Upload Plugin option in the Advanced tab of the Plugin Manager.
If you do install manually, you will need to also install the Token Macro Plugin from


Example: Control execution by a string parameter

... this one gets executed if 'SOME_ENV' (any environment variable) matches the string 'MyEnvValue'. As any build parameter gets exposed as an environment variable, the value can be controlled by a parameter.

Example: Run a build step if a file does not exist

Use the logical Not condition, and inside, select File exists

Example: Use a parameterised build to select which publishers to run

I.e. Set string parameter on a parameterized build to ^(UAT|DEMO)$ to run all steps that are labeled with either DEMO or UAT

Example: Only publish junit reports if we have some result files

Example: Only sound the sirens during work hours

Add an And condition and then add Time and Day of week conditions to it

Create a new Run Condition

This plugin provides an ExtensionPoint which enables other plugins to provide new Run Conditions to plugins that use them.
See the wiki page for the Run Condition Example Plugin

Change log

1.0 (10/5/2013)

0.10 (25/5/2012)

0.9 (1/5/2012)

0.7 (14/01/2012)

0.6 (15/11/2011)

0.5 (13/11/2011)

0.4 (10/11/2011)

0.3 (09/11/2011)

0.2 (08/11/2011)

0.1 (07/11/2011)

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