View Job Filters plugin uses a Match Type to allow you to chain together as many filters as you like. This is extremely useful, but needs to be used properly.

The Match Types

The match types are named and described in an attempt to make it intuitive as to what they are doing. The key to understanding them is that they are meant to be chained together. In other words, the order is significant, and each filter will either "include" (i.e. add) or "exclude" (i.e. filter out, or take away) from the current accumulated filter, depending on which match type you use.

Example - All nightly test jobs

This example will create a view with all Test jobs that are run at night. It counts on a job naming convention, as well as a convention of putting a descriptive comment in the SCM polling schedule. The following filters can be interpreted as "show all 'Test' jobs but only if they also are 'nightly'".

Filter 1 - Regular Expression Job Filter

Filter 2 - Regular Expression Job Filter