Github Plugin

This plugin integrates Jenkins with Github projects.

The plugin currently has two major functionalities:

Hyperlinks between changes

The Github plugin decorates Jenkins "Changes" pages to create links to your Github commit and issue pages. It adds a sidebar link that links back to the Github project page.

When creating a job, specify that is connects to git. Under "Github project", put in: git@github.com:Person/Project.git Under "Source Code Management" select Git, and put in git@github.com:Person/_Project._git

Trigger a build when a change is pushed to GitHub

To use this feature, first go to the global configuration and choose the mode in which Jenkins manages post-receive hooks in your GitHub repositories.
This plugin adds "Build when a change is pushed to GitHub" under "Build Triggers". When you check it, every new push to the repository automatically triggers a new build.

So how do that work? This plugin creates an HTTP endpoint that understands HTTP POSTs from GitHub post-receive hook.

Possible Issues between Jenkins and GitHub


Change Log

Version 0.4 (Feb 14, 2011)
Version 0.2 (Jun 25, 2009)