With Oracle proposing to donate Hudson to Eclipse, the question of what would be necessary for reconciliation between Jenkins and Hudson has come up. Many users are definitely interested in the possibility of reconciliation, so it seems worthwhile to address. This is not an easy question to answer - but hey, we're going to try to answer it, here! Please provide your suggestions for requirements below, and use the comments to, well, comment on other suggested requirements.

Note that this is not asking what would be required for Jenkins to join Hudson under that name, at Eclipse, etc. It's more general: what needs to be done, from either side, in order to actually get the groups working together in a viable way? If that turns out not to be possible, that's fine. The important thing is to give this a shot and be sure we understand the differences and whether they can be resolved.

Also, please leave your name/id with your suggested requirement. Thanks!

Proposed Requirements