Archived versions of this plugin remain available for download.


Automatically deploys your application to CloudBees RUN@Cloud at the end of your build.

Known issues

Before 1.4, automatic deployment with maven native plugin failed with maven3.
So you must set a fileName Pattern.

How it works

The cloudbees-deployer plugin uses the CloudBees API to deploy your application to RUN@Cloud.  It runs as a publisher at the end of the build, only if the build is successful.  All you need to do is provide a file pattern so that the plugin can find your war.

You can define multiple RUN@Cloud accounts in the global configuration section. Then, in the job configuration for the application, click "Deploy to CloudBees", choose the desired account, and enter the application ID. If your build succeeds, the application is uploaded to RUN@Cloud and automatically deployed.  

Watch this screencast to see it in action.


Version 5.0 (May 26, 2014)
Version 2.0+

Due to a specific dependency being one that CloudBees are not in a position to release Open Source at this point in time (though our intention is to release it Open Source, or refactor to not need that component) this plugin is not currently Open source.

These versions of the plugin are available by installing the CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins plugin. The release notes for all releases of this plugin are available here

Pre 2.0 history
Version 1.7 (February 27, 2012)
Version 1.6 (August 24, 2011)
Version 1.5 (August 24, 2011)

not deployed. has failed on olamy laptop !!

Version 1.4 (August 3, 2011)
Version 1.3 (Jun 6, 2011)
Version 1.2 (May 2, 2011)
Version 1.1 (Apr 28, 2011)
Version 1.0 (Apr 28, 2011)