This plugin creates a pipeline of Hudson\Jenkins jobs and gives a view so that you can visualise it.



Continuous Integration has become a widely adopted practice in modern software development. Jenkins & Hudson are great tools for supporting Continuous Integration.

Taking it to the next level: Continuous integration can become the centerpiece of your development pipeline, orchestrating the promotion of a version of software through quality gates and into production. By extending the concepts of CI you can create a chain of jobs each one subjecting your build to quality assurance steps. These QA steps may be a combination of manual and automated steps. Once a build has passed all these, it can be automatically deployed into production.

In order to better support this process, we have developed the Build Pipeline Plugin. This gives the ability to form a chain of jobs based on their upstream\downstream dependencies. Downstream jobs may, as per the default behaviours, be triggered automatically ,or by a suitable authorised user manually triggering it.

You can also see a history of pipelines in a view, the current status and where each version got to in the chain based on it's revision number in VCS.

We'd love to hear about your experience using it or any enhancement suggestions - please let us know:


The Pipeline View

Pipeline Legend


View Configuration
  1. Install the plugin using the Hudson\Jenkins update centre and restart.
  2. Create a view of the new type "Build Pipeline View". Note: it doesn't take you directly to it's configuration page
  3. To get to the configuration options, you must go to the configuration page directly. E.g.http://localhost:8080/view/new-view/configure (if your view happens to be called "new-view")
  4. The below outlines what each interesting parameter controls

    Build Pipeline View Title

    Gives a title to the page that displays the view

    Select Initial Job

    This is the first job in the chain. It will traverse through the downstream jobs to build up the entire pipeline

    No of Displayed Builds

    The number of historical builds to be displayed on a page

Manual downstream build step configuration

In order to make the next build in the chain manual, check the "require manual build execution" checkbox in the Post Build action section of the job configuration.

Automated downstream build step

To add a build step that will trigger automatically upon the successful completion of the previous one, use one of the following mechanisms.

Source Code

This is hosted on Google Code so that we can support both Jenkins and Hudson.

Please use Google Code rather than this page to ask questions, report bugs and request features.

Source Code

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