This plugin allows you to publish TestNG results.


TestNG result xml file contains more information than the junit report xml file . This plugin exposes those extra information in graph and table reports.

This plugin makes it possible to import TestNG XML reports from each build into Hudson.

The data is parsed using the output generated using org.testng.reporters.XMLReporter. The results are displayed with a trend graph and all details about which tests that failed are also presented.

Features : The page layouts are intentionally designed to look very similar to Hudson's junit plugin.

Usage :

  1. Job Configuation : You need to specify an ant compatible search path where testng plugin will look for testng resutl xml files. If your result xml files are not located under job/workspace and you need to specify a relative path , make sure that the below checkbox is selected.

Release 0.13 (February 18th, 2011)

 * Fixed JENKINS-8828 : exception.message is not displayed correctly for failed tests
 * Fixed JENKINS-7916 : FormatUtil method is using TimeUnit.toMinutes which is not defined in Java 1.5

Release 0.12 (February 12th, 2011)

Release  0.7 (October 25, 2010)

Release  0.5 (September 24, 2010)

Release  0.4 (August 17, 2010)

Release  0.1 (August 12, 2010)