Provides a job view displaying project status in a highly visible manner. This is ideal for displaying on a screen on the office wall as a form of Extreme Feedback Device.

Once the plugin is installed, click on the add view tab and select "Radiator View". The job selection options are the same as the standard list view -- either select projects to include or specify a regular expression to select the options. 



If you use this and want to reconfigure the view, you can't directly because it is full screen and the left menu is not rendered. To reconfigure the view, go to the view, then append "/configure" to the url, and you get the configuration screen.  Append "/delete" to the view URL to delete the view. One person's bug is another person's feature (smile) .


Release 1.10 (not released yet) :

Release 1.9:

Release 1.8:

Release 1.7 :

Release 1.6:

Release 1.5:

Release 1.3, 1.4:

Release 1.2:

Release 1.1: