This plugin integrates Gerrit Code Review to Hudson. It just marks whether the build was successful or not. You have to use Git plugin (or something else) for checking out change-sets from Gerrit, even though it's terribly slow because there's a lot of branches in Gerrit (Git plugin tries to determine "...list of 'tip' branches (I.E. branches that aren't included entirely within another branch)", which is really slow. This is fixed in Hudson-Git-Plugin, version 0.8.2 with new build choosing option which can be selected in advanced settings for Hudson-Git-Plugin.

After build, the plugin just checks what revision is in workspace at the moment and uses Gerrits ssh command line tools for marking the result.


0.4 2010-04-08

*Fixed issue when using slaves for build
*SSH commands are now sent from master only.

0.3 2010-04-06

*Internal restructuring
*Added some unit tests
This version will lose settings when upgrading from 0.2

0.2 2010-03-30

*Close ssh connection to gerrit properly
*Added configuration option for unstable build verify value.


*Failed release process forced to do a new release


*Initial version


*Perhaps add possibility to set review values also, for example when code analysis tools report errors. http://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/HUDSON/Analysis+Collector+Plugin might be useful.


Basic settings for plugin, remember to add user into gerrit.

Settings for Git -plugin (Available in 0.8.2)

How Hudson shows up in gerrit

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