This plugin allows you to capture report from JMeter. Hudson will generate the trend report of performance and robustness and will set the final status of the build as good, unstable or failed based on the reported jmeter error percentage.

Usage with Freestyle project

1. You can use ant and jmeter task for ant to launch tests on your web application
2. Your ant file may be similar to something like that:

    	<property name="jmeter" location="${env.JMETER_DIR}" />
		classpathref="ant.classpath"   />

	<target name="jmeter.init">
		<echo message="jmeter init..." />
		<mkdir  dir="${basedir}/loadtests/results/"/>
		<delete includeemptydirs="true">
			<fileset dir="${basedir}/loadtests/results/" includes="**/*" />

	<target name="jmeter.tests" depends="jmeter.init" description="launch jmeter load tests">
		<echo message="Starting jmeter tests..." />
			<testplans dir="${basedir}/loadtests" includes="*.jmx"/>


In Hudson, configure the file to be parsed by JMeter plugin and the error percentage thresholds which would make the project unstable or failed.

Other Articles


Added threshold parameters in order to report the build process as unstable or failed based in the error percentage.

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