!sonar-logo.png|align=left!Quickly benefit from Sonar, an open-source dashboard based on many analysis tools like Checkstyle, PMD and Cobertura.


  1. install and start the Sonar server
  2. activate the sonar plugin from the Hudson Plugin Manager
  3. define a Sonar installation from the Configure System page
  4. activate sonar on jobs from the "Post-build actions" section:
  5. build your project

    We recommend to execute Sonar at the most on nightly builds. It's useless to activate it on continuous builds.

  6. view your project from Sonar

Release notes

See the roadmap. 

1.0 (planned for May 2009)

Compatible with Sonar 1.8 and later. For older versions, please use 0.2.


Compatible with Sonar versions <= 1.8.



Please post comments and questions on the Sonar mailing-list. Issues are listed in JIRA.