Kagemai Plugin

This plugin integrates Kagemai to Hudson.

Kagemai is a free web-based bugtracking system written in Ruby scripting language.
Kagemai Bug Id in changelogs are now hyperlinked to the corresponding Kagemai issue pages (complete with tooltips),

and Kagemai issue list.


System Configuration

First, you need to go to Hudson's system config screen to tell Hudson where's your Kagemai.

Project Configuration

In the top section, select the url of your Kagemai installation.

The Kagemai ProjectID of your Kagemai project. It looks the following.

Post-build Actions

In the Post-build Actions section, choose "Record kagemai issue list" (option).


Version 1.3 (2009/12/29)
Version 1.2 (2009/03/04)